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Bad wifi makes raging mad customers. Angry customers are bad business. CapturePoint makes your wifi hotspot more reliable and eliminates all external points of failure.  As long as your capturePoint access point is plugged in to power and a working internet connecton, it works.  No off site servers needed. Even if the capturePoint data center is down, your public hotspot will keep working, guaranteed.



CapturePoint Network Features

  • Long Rang - cover more square footage with fewer acces points.
  • Firewall - protects connected computers from threats outside your building.
  • VLAN - allows you to safely and securely share a single internet connection with your business systems and your public hotspot.  Users on the public hotspot can't access your network, and users on your network can't access computers on the public network.
  • Complete remote diagnostic support.
  • Compatible with Cable, T-1 and DSL connections.

CapturePoint Marketing Features

CapturePoint lets guests opt-in to your email marketing program when they log in to use your public hotspot using acustomized, branded welcome and successfuly connected screen.  On average, a single capturePoint hotspot willadd 3,320 contacts to your database.  

CapturePoint Collects the following information:

  • Email Address

  • First and Last Name

  • Birthday or Anniversary

  • Mobile Phone (for SMS text message marketing

  • Email Opt In 

  • Store Locaton

Email lists can be downloaded in CSV format and are compatible with most emal marketing systems including

  • Fishbowl
  • Constant Contact
  • ExactTarget
  • VerticalResponse
  • Lyris
  • OemPro
  • 1-2-All

CapturePoint Assurance Service Features

  • Toll free phone support (even though you probably will not need it)
  • Network health and prefailure monitoring. We know it's broke before you do.
  • Overnight equipment replacement.  If your down, a replacement is on the way.
  • Email marketing capture and list download
  • Access to CapturePoint network engineers (additional service fees may apply.




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