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Getting Support for CapturePoint is Easy...

... but before you call, there are two things you should check to ensure we can solve your problem as quickly as possible:


1.  Check that theOrange Power Light is on. If no lights are on, then check to see that your CapturePoint is Plugged In to the AC adaptor and the AC Adaptor is plugged into the wall.  If your CapturePoint is not plugged in, plug it in and wait about three minutes and check to see if your WiFi service has been restored. 2.  Check that your DSL or Cable Modem is plugged in to your CapturePoint and the DSL or Cable Modem is turned on and the link light is lit. If you cable or DSL modem is not powered up or the link light is off, call your internet service provider.


Now that you've checked the two most common points of failure, you are ready to call: 

    800-903-7597 extension 2 



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